Our story

"I hail from Chennai erstwhile Madras, a metropolis on the beautiful Coromandel Coast of India, a city where winter temperatures hover around the 30 degrees mark. The younger me frequented the cooler hills of Nilgiris and the Shevaroys to beat the stifling heat and chaos of the city.

Walking through the lush tea and coffee estates in these Ghats made me happy. The sublime tranquility and old-world charm of these villages remain etched in my memory.

A decade or two later, I found myself in the vibrant city of London where one can experience just about anything. I enrolled for a barista course and was soon café-hopping in East London and exploring coffee festivals. Along the way, I met some passionate folks doing some inspiring work with coffee farms in Africa and South America.

I also discovered that Indian coffee was practically unheard of.

How could this be possible when I grew up drinking ‘kaapi’ (the south-Indian phonetic pronunciation of coffee) lovingly prepared by my grandma in her traditional brass filter?

I felt the world needed to know the untold story of India. It is the birthplace of chess, the numeral zero, trigonometry, and the world’s first university. It’s also where all coffee is grown under shade, just as nature intended."

- Veena, Founder and roaster

P.s: Listen to my conversation with Chris, a yogi based in South London, where I share my story up, close, and personal.